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Saturday, July 30, 2011

i'm not sure what to title this, so this is the title.

isn't it weird how sometimes when we look back on certain moments in our lives we remember all the good times, yet when we look back at other times we only remember the bad? i was just thinking about Thailand & Cambodia and how that keeps happening with the memories. i feel like my last entry about cambodia and the girls i was with was so bitter, and i kind of regret posting it. i mean, at the time i was very passionate about what i was feeling, lol, but there were definitely more good times than bad. and it's to be expected that you'll have disagreements with people you're constantly around for 5 months, and then living with for 2 months straight in really tiny quarters. but it was a lot of fun. now i'm kind of stressing out (not that much though actually lol) about finding 2 good pictures to enter in photo contests for my university and for the education abroad network, the company i went through to go to southeast asia. that's gonna be a bit difficult. i have to go through 5 months of pictures to find the perfect 2, and i realized a few weeks ago when i was looking through my external hard drive for my pictures that a bunch of pictures magically got erased from it =/. oh well. i probably have them on facebook haha. thank god i'm always so cautious with my pictures and save them in at least 2 places. i'm a bit anal about that.

and now i'm babbling again. blaahhhh.

i meant to upload some of my pictures from Camp Bisco, but i haven't done it yet. blahh. maybe i'll do it now. it's a really lazy day, but not really. i think i'm just in a really fickle mood. i need to stop babbling. trains of thought are quite amusing, if you stop to think about it.

ha okay. blahh.