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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hoopin' with my Homies haha

AnnChan!<3 in the Silver Nugget

Mel's wicked good- she's on the UVM Hoop Team

the source of the tunes

love my best friends:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

This is weird!

Just got back to Boston last night. My flight from Heathrow to Logan was delayed about 6 hours due to engine malfunctioning. Just as the plane was about to lift off from the ground, there was a loud bang and a big blow of fire shot out really fast from the round thing hangin' from the wing (i saw it because I was sitting at a window seat really close to the wing). They kept telling us that the plane was going to go under maintenance, then they said we had to switch planes. Which ended up taking hours, even though they said it would be "very soon". I know they were trying their hardest to fix the issue, I just wish they could have let us know how long it would be. They had to transport all the cargo & all the food and the crew and everything. I was able to watch an episode of Blue Bloods, all of Due Date (which was hilarious!) and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plus have some time to sit around, do nothing, and listen to my ipod.

We finally reached Boston, and everyone was ecstatic, giving the crew a round of applause. We all went through the passport business, and then went to baggage claim. To my exhausted (yet somewhat expectant) surprise, my both pieces of my luggage were not there. Apparently they had never even been loaded onto the plane. I had a bad feeling about my luggage because there was some issue with it while I was transferring flights in Mumbai, but (and I feel bad saying this) I couldn't understand what the guys who were taking care of it were saying. I was waiting to get my boarding pass for 2 hours, and a bunch of guys were running around all over the place with my passport and flight info, and saying they were transporting my bags from my Thai Airways plane to the Jet Airways plane. I have no idea what was happening, but I'm wondering if Thai Airways never even shipped my luggage? So now I have to wait to get it sent to my dad's house in RI. ahh, well. I'm not too upset about it now because it happened when I was going to Thailand, too, so I know I'll at least be getting it. I did cry a little, however, because I was so worn out, at the time a little upset about the luggage thing, and no one was there to meet me at the airport because my flight was delayed (my brother had gone at 1 only to find out the flight wasn't coming until 6:45, and then he had to go move into his new place for the summer at the time I was supposed to be picked up). So yeahhhh. But everything's fine now. I'm getting a train back to RI in about an hour and a half & it'll feel so good to take a shower and put on clothes that I haven't been wearing for the past 3 days! hahah

But it feels so strange being back here. On the one hand it feels like I never left, but on the other....it feels different. In a good way. I feel like a stronger person, as silly as that sounds. I like this weird feeling haha.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Currently, I am waiting at Gate D4 in the Suvabharmi (sp?) airport in Bangkok. I've been here since about 11. My friend Natalie and I have been chillin out here all day, but she just got on her connecting flight to Taipei. From there she goes to California, then to Dallas. I'll be heading to India, where I have a 5 hour layover, then to London, where I'll have another 5 hour layover, then back to Boston.
So scary!
I feel out of my body right now. It's so hard to believe these 5 months are over. It felt like this day would never come. AHHHoihfsoidhfsidhfsd. I'm so nervous!!! D:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5, 4, 3, 2...

I'm getting into a new band lately. Well, I they're probably not new, but my friend introduced them to me a couple of days ago. Noah and the Whale. They're sooo gooooood! Deliciously mellow. (that was cheesy).

Less than 3 days left until we depart from Cambodia. That's an extremely scary thought. On the one hand, I feel ready to go back to the real world and face my life, but on the other....it's just so bizarre. Southeast Asia is wonderfully strange, and I feel so comfortable here. I don't know. I love it.

Coming here was the best decision I've ever made in my life. And the healthiest. I'm not sure what would have happened if it didn't happen, and I'm not so sure I want to know. But I feel like a changed person. Who knows if anyone else notices it, or will notice when I get back. I hope my family does. And my friends, but mostly my family. I feel like I've grown up, even if it's just a little. I hope they appreciate me more as an adult, not to sound melancholy. My glass is half full now, rather than half empty.

The future is exciting. Can't wait to see what's in store.

There's nothing else really that comes to mind for me to write, so I'll leave you now.


Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mekong, Koh Pdao, & Siem Reap

Today is our last day in Siem Reap. It's very weird. I feel like we've been on a completely different planet for the past week, rather than a different province about 6 hours from our current home. This has been one of the longest, most tiring, yet best times I have experienced so far in this trip. Cambodia is very draining to those who aren't accustomed to the lifestyle, but it's so worth it. I haven't yet been able to put my finger on what's so attractive about it. Hopefully these last 3 weeks will present me with some kind of answer.

The first 3 days were spent at Koh Pdao, an island village in the middle of the Mekong, in Kratie province. Out of the 3 villages my friends and I have stayed in during our study abroad in Southeast Asia (the other 2 were in Thailand), Koh Pdao was the most comfortable. It was extremely different, too, in the sense that they didn't drink- at least while we were there- and all they did was workworkwork. Cambodians have got to be the hardest working people I have ever met in my life. It makes me feel extremely lazy. We helped move fence posts 2 mornings in a row, that were basically 70 pound tree trunks that were about 4 or 5 feet tall. We all had trouble finishing more than 4 or 5 total, but they just worked all day doing it! And they're so happy while they work, too. They were joking around with us, we ate mangos, and even taught them the hokey pokey hahaha. We also had to ride bikes if we wanted to go anywhere along the strip of their village. Each ride was at least a couple of miles long, but it was so hard to do since none of us are really used to biking on REALLY bumpy roads, and (I hate to sound whiney about this) the bikes were too small....But it was fun nonetheless! The first trek we had was probably about 6 miles total (that's just a guesstimate, it felt like 20 miles hahah) and we felt so drained after, but in the coming days we had shorter bike rides and they got so much easier to handle (and not because they were short). I don't know. I'm rambling now.

Siem Reap was cool, although we only spent a couple of days here. The first day we just took it easy since everyone was wearing thin- people were getting sick as a result of being in the village, which is to be expected, not to mention we were all covered in an excessive amount of mosquito bites. Yesterday, we took the day to explore Angkor Wat, which was beautiful. We saw the "mudroom" of it, the main temple, the "snake temple" (where Tomb Raider was filmed), and the "face temple". Each of them was so unique and amazing. It's hard to imagine they were once the hub of ancient Angkor era life and that they've lasted this long. Many people consider it the "8th Wonder of the World" and after being, it's completely understandable why.

My computer is about to die, however, so I must depart. When I get home later, I'll try to post some pictures from our adventure.